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Wednesday, August 31

Tmorra has 20,876 events from today through December 14, 2019. Find dates for sports, government, movies, holidays, politics, elections, festivals, parades, religions, special days and much more.

Welcome provides a searchable database of future news and life events. Tmorra is unique in three ways, by:

  • Covering a long time horizon
  • Providing both announced dates and forecast dates
  • Providing both news events and life impact events

To search, enter a word or phrase in the search box and click  the search box (above).

To see everything that is planned or projected for one day, click the  Pick a Day  menu item.

Long time horizon of 1,200 days

Each day, Tmorra presents news and life events, beginning with today and extending more than 39 months into the future.

Both announced and forecast dates

Dates that are certain, official, or announced are marked with , , or . But you can also discover forecast dates of events not yet announced (marked with , , or ).

News and life impact events

Items are rated for the strength of their news impact and the number of Americans directly affected.

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